IAM (International Association of Majorette-Sport) is a non-profit organisation aimed to support various forms of Majorette-Sports at international level. It is based and registered in Hungary and it is properly registered and constituted. IAM was formed 16 years ago by the leaders of the majorette associations of the Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia. In response to the challenges of the ages, in 2009 new members started to join: Ukraine, Russia, Serbia, Monte Negro and Bulgaria. All of them join IAM to create a body that would represent needs and expectations of majorettes, athletes and clubs. Ensuring development of the sports, twirling with baton, elements of artistic gymnastic, Baton Flag as new equipment and show category have been incorporated in period 2008 – 2011. Each year Championship of Majorette-Sport and seven times International Grand Prix (Every two years) and many open international competitions are held in different cities of member-countries. Newest type of competition is Merry Majorette International Cup (first in 2016) with new disciplines – all with equipment of representing majorette-sport – Baby cadets, CheerDance pompon, free twirl, traditional majorette and Baton Marching Improvisation. In January 2013 General Assembly of International Association of Majorette-Sport (IAM) elected new President, the actual one. In the same year, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Greece and South Africa applied for membership. In 2014 Romania, UK and Italian associations applied. Our strong focus on athletes and their rights, our passion towards our sports and young people, our belief in the power of Majorette-sports to change the world and promote solidarity have fast become recognized and valued. Year after year the IAM’s Assembly have been expanding; year after year the IAM have been welcoming new member countries as South Korea in 2018, Slovenia and South Africa in 2020.