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Have you got what it takes to become the next Majorette European Champion? Have you always dreamt of being a part of a spectacular global event? Are you passionate about volunteering?Whatever your dreams the IAM can make them a reality!Do not wait! Do not hesitate! Get in touch now!
How can I get involved?


The IAM is always looking to welcome new members. If your country is already an existing IAM member, please contact your national organization to find out how you can join and get involved today.If your country is not yet an official IAM member, please contact the IAM President, for further assistance in joining this remarkable organization.

A new organization needs to provide:
Application Form
Article of Association
Court Registry 

All the IAM members are required to pay an annual membership fee which should be renewed at the beginning of each calendar year.

The current membership fees are as follows:
– National Federation: 150€
– An individual club/school registered as an official national representative: 50€

Additionally, each majorette wishing to participate in the IAM events is required to obtain the IAM license, which should be renewed yearly basis.

All the payments should be made via bank transfer to the IAM account using the following details:
International Association of Majorette-Sport
MKB Bank
2800 Tatabánya, Fő tér 6. Hungary
IBAN: HU13 10300002 10609616 49020017


The IAM aims to make every event an unforgettable spectacle of music, grace, movement, colour and beauty but this would not be possible without the help of an army of volunteers. Being a volunteer is a great way to become a part of extraordinary events; experiencing multi-cultural environments, making new friends and becoming a part of a life changing dance family. If you would like to help at our events and gain volunteering experience, please contact the IAM President, or the event’s local organizer for more details.